Council: Queens

Queens by the Numbers:

  • Serving over 11,100 Youth.
  • Assisted by over 1,190 Adult volunteers.
  • Holding events at the Queens Zoo and Citi FIeld. 


Our Queens Team


Queens Council President: Mr. Michael Sibilia, Chief Financial Officer, JFK International Officer


Founders District Chair: Dit Cheung,

Founders District Commissioner: Deborah Caviness,

Founders District Executive: Robert Colonna,


Pathfinder District Chair: Bill Knight,

Pathfinder District Commissioner: Henry Zalak,

Pathfinder District Director: Neisha Joseph,

Pathfinder District Executive: Jackie Zelaya,


Tomahawk District Chair: Jon-Paul Rasinya,

Tomahawk District Commissioner: Vacant

Tomahawk District Director: Neisha Joseph,

Tomahawk District Executive: Julien Vincent,


Field Director: Joseph Schiltz ,

Wood Badge Coordinator: Greg Hofer,

Robert Colonna

Field Service- Queens- Senior District Executive

(212) 651-2828

Julien Vincent

Queens District Executive

(212) 651-2915

Jackie Zelaya

Queens District Executive

(212) 651-2866