Endowment: One Percent Club

Consider joining a select group of volunteers and supporters of 
Scouting in New York City by joining the Councils 1% Club.

What is the 1% Club and how does it benefit Scouting?
     The 1% Club is simply an opportunity for the Council to plant the 
seed of thought for you and members of your family to remember 
Scouting in your Will & Estate Plan.
     Over the years, you have expressed a desire to support Scouting 
on an annual basis. The support is truly appreciated and is critical 
to our mission to serve youth in New York City. But, what will 
happen to your annual support of Scouting after you depart this 
     By including the Greater New York Councils, Boy Scouts of 
America as one of the charitable organizations in your Will and 
Estate Plan, your donated assets will be placed in a Restricted 
Endowed Trust Fund along with the gifts of other dedicated 
Scouters, generating interest which will be used annually in the 
Councils operation. Thus, your annual support will continue to 
benefit generations of youth long after your passing and establish 
your legacy to New York City youth. In fact, depending upon the 
amount (or percent) you leave to Scouting, the Council will 
establish an Endowment Fund in your name perpetuating you as 
a supporter of Scouting.


Conact Steven Benini with any questions: 

Steven Benini (212) 651-2815