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100+ Den Meeting Ideas

Boys put on sample Den Meeting for parents
Indoor track meet
Practice physical fitness by playing games Visit newspaper
Visit telephone company
Visit TV station
Visit a nearby state park
Visit a factory
Visit elderly folks & share a craft
Visit fire station
Visit a local historical attraction
Visit the zoo
Visit a library
Visit a weather station
Visit an aquarium
Visit a farm
Visit a water treatment plant
Visit an electricity plant
Visit an airport
Visit police station
Sack lunch picnic
Kickball game, using ball of rags or feathers
Den bowling tournament
Disabled guest speaks to den
Dads take den to a sporting event
Science teacher shows fun projects
Ice/roller skating party
Parent guest speaker - special hobby
Parent guest speaker - about profession
Backyard sunrise breakfast
Work on achievements everyone needs
Night meeting to star gaze
Dinosaur Day - each boy brings his favorite
Model Day - each boy brings his best
Geography Day - make maps and walk to local points of interest
Joke Day - each boy tells a few jokes
Microscope Day - each boy brings something to look at
Pet Day - each boy brings a pet
Telephone Day - Boys stay home & call each other passing on relay messages on a pre-arranged plan
Game-Making Day - den makes games for Game Chest
Bring a Friend Day - a new recruit?
Magic Day - each boy does a magic trick
Collection Day - each boy brings a collection
Treasure Hunt
Scavenger Hunt for Cub Scout things
Marble shooting contest
Den uniform inspection
Bike safety inspection
Bike rodeo
Build models using Legos

Bird-watching hike
Mix, bake, frost & eat cupcakes
Sidewalk race pinewood derby cars
Meet with another den
HS athlete speaker
Go fishing at nearby pond
Bait-casting practice in backyard
Campfire - roast hotdogs & marshmallows
Boy Scout speaks about Jamboree
Boy Scout speaks about Camporees
Play charades
Mother & Son swim party
Start/make a den scrapbook
Plant a vegetable/flower garden
Photographer visits & shows developing process
Make puppets for a hand show
Rent a video & operate a mini-theater for family
Go rock collecting
Make Mother's Day gifts
Plan a skit for den to do in classroom during SUFS week
Make neckerchief slides
Make costumes for a skit or Halloween
Liar's Contest
Buid a paper-mache town, fort, Indian camp
Find hazards in a nearby two-block area
Cubmaster speaks to den about making the most of Scouting
Make Christmas card collage
Sports contests (ping-pong, badminton, free-throw shooting, golf, etc.)
Fashion animals out of clay
Build a den window display
Build simple bird-houses
Make sailboats & race on a small pond
Make hats
Jump rope contest
Catch & identify butterflies
Scrambled Cub Scout words games
Go to baseball game
Play ball against another den
Grow crystals
Service project for church or school
Learn a game new to everyone
Learn about Scouts in other countries
Make a family tree & family flag
Learn about different religions
Sing songs
Compose new song using a favorite tune
Learn to tie simple knots
Go to a movie together
Take a themed hike
Attend Summer Day camp
Put on simple carnival for siblings
Den writes & performs its own skit
Session on First Aid

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